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How the Plastic Machine Shop Came to Be

Driven by their previous machine shop experience, the owners of The Plastic Machine Shop have built on what they learned in their past role, expanding on their current customer base to create their own successful plastics company. First introduced to the trade in 1991, they were presented with the opportunity to start up their own business and they did not hesitate at the chance.

It all started with a contact and some incentive. From there, they purchased their first machine for their modest sized business. The first few years during the recession were tough; however, their desire to expand their business enabled them to grow substantially. They eventually moved to a larger, more equipped facility, growing their customer base and adding more machinery – creating what is now known as The Plastic Machine Shop.

Friendly Service and Knowledgeable Advice

Having worked in the plastics manufacturing industry for over 25 years, we have the necessary experience to make your projects a success. Whether you are involved in the medical, pharmaceutical, mining or food processing industries, or something similar, we will create a product that is of the highest quality and durability.

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